Homemade Cakes for Mother's Day

If you are going to be seeing your mother or mother-in-law on or around Mother’s Day (31 March in 2019), you might like to get baking and take her a homemade cake for that personal touch.

The tutorial below is short and sweet as the video only lasts just over a minute (speeded up action).  The cake used is a standard sponge cake recipe, baked as a sheet cake of 12″ square, which is then cut out to form the letters “M” “U” “M”.  The decorations are pretty straightforward consisting of mainly piped buttercream with added flowers and garnishes.  You can make this your own by choosing a favourite colour scheme and adding plenty of bling with sprinkles as desired.

Don’t forget to make sure that if you use fresh flowers that they are non-toxic – after all that effort, you don’t want a poorly mum!

Another lovely idea is this “bunch” of cupcakes for mum. These are standard cupcakes (find a simple recipe here) but decorated and arranged in such a manner as to resemble a bunch of flowers. Cake and flowers in one gift – we reckon this would be an instant hit! For a great selection of cupcake cases, why not take a look at the Craft Company’s brilliant range – we particularly love these pink leopard print ones!

This Mother’s day bunch of cupcakes how to guide is so easy to do yet so effective. Perfect for surprising your mum on Mother’s day!

Cover drum board with your chosen coloured sugarpaste. Cover cupcakes with circles of thin white sugarpaste, then using the food colourings colour the rest of the white sugarpaste and cut out flowers using 5 petal cutter, to fit over the top. Make small balls of paste and flatten to create a centre for each flower.

Position cupcakes on board. Make long ‘sausages’ of paste in Green sugarpaste for flower stems (use a smoother if you have one to ensure even stems). Add butterfly decoration to some of the cupcakes if wished.

Tie a length of ribbon around stems and make a large bow. Optional – Add an inscription on the board. Via craftcompany.co.uk

While this Lemon & Blueberry Cake is not specifically a Mother’s Day cake, it looks so pretty with its drizzled icing and some scattered flowers, what mum could fail to be impressed? And being a loaf style cake, it will cut up beautifully into slices to share with the family.

https://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/lemon-and-blueberry-drizzle-cakeOur impressive lemon and blueberry cake is perfect for sharing. This loaf cake brings two tangy flavours; the citrus lemon and tart blueberries together to make one mouth-watering bake.

Make this lemon and blueberry cake at the weekend for a sweet treat or save for a special occasion. The icing is made from blueberry conserve, which is why it has a lovely, pastel colour. This blueberry and lemon cake also freezes well, so you could make a couple of loaves at once, by doubling the ingredients, and pop one away for a rainy day! Simply defrost on the side over night and you’ll have a freshly baked treat in next to no time – perfect with a cuppa. Via goodtoknow.co.uk

Our next suggestion is this gorgeous Cherry Blossom cake. The cake itself is a basic sponge and is “naked” ie it isn’t covered in buttercream or other frosting and so has the layers showing through. Although you could choose to cover with frosting if desired. The decoration consists of cherry blossoms – all individually piped in white and pink swiss buttercream. The result is seriously pretty and would delight any mum on her special day.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas to get started with baking a Mother’s Day cake that will be appreciated not only for it’s yumminess but also as a token of love and appreciation.