Easter Cakes

Easter Cakes

Easter is traditionally a time for families to get together so what better way to add to the fun and festive occasion than by baking an eye-catching yummy Easter cake?  To get you inspired and heading for your cake tins, we’ve pulled together some great ideas for you below.

Our first offering is a bright, colourful Easter egg shaped cake that’s super easy to decorate.  Covered in brightly coloured buttercream, it is then piped with flowers, wiggly lines, loops and curvy lines to give it that traditional Easter egg appearance.  In this particular example, the colours are what could be described as “bold spring colours”, using the traditional yellows, greens and pinks but more intense rather than pastel versions.  Of course, if you wanted to take this idea as inspiration, you can choose whichever colours you fancy.  I think the bolder colours would work well with children whereas adults might prefer more pastel shades.

This next video we’ve found features a layered chocolate cake decorated with buttercream grass, mini Easter eggs and a homemade “bunny butt”!  Yes, it is an American presenter using American measures and terminology but the result looks so good, we just had to include it.  I just know you are asking “so what exactly is a bunny butt?”  Well, essentially it is fondant icing modelled into a shape reminiscent of a rabbit’s rear end such that it looks like the bunny has stated disappearing into a burrow in the cake, just leaving his tail end and hind paws on show!  It looks pretty straightforward to make and I can see that the modelling techniques used here can be transferred to other occasions when you might want bunny or similar paws for a cake.  I’m also pretty impressed with the demonstration of removing the cake from the tin – wonder if it would work for me?

At Crafty Bug HQ we are suckers for pretty pastel colours.  Which is why our next offering really jumped out at us.  This cake is just so pretty, it is almost a shame to eat it!  And if you love Cadbury’s mini eggs, then this really is the cake for you.  While this cake looks absolutely splendid, in practice, you may want to make it just a bit smaller as there is a phenomenal number of Cadbury’s mini eggs used to decorate this cake and not everyone’s budgets will run to this.  How about if you made a couple of mini sized versions?  That might keep the cost within reasonable boundaries but give the joy of making and eating this cake.  Or why not just go all out if you are having family and friends over this Easter?  They cannot fail to be impressed if you serve this beautiful cake to them.

Our final video for this feature on Easter cakes is “how to make an Easter Kit Kat cake”.  This is a very straightforward way to make a fun and yummy cake for your Easter festivities.  If you do not like Kit Kats, then this is not the cake for you.  But if you are rather fond of this particular chocolate confection, then read and watch on!  The idea of affixing fingers of Kit Kats to the outside of your cake is a great one.  No extra baking, blending, colouring or piping involved.  Just cover your cake in the butter and cream cheese frosting, then simply stick your Kit Kats on the outside.

To cover the top of the cake with a grass effect, Todd uses desiccated coconut which he has dyed green.  Quite quick and easy to do.  However, if like me, you don’t actually like desiccated coconut (love the flavour, hate the texture), you could always colour some extra frosting green and pipe the grass using a Grass Piping nozzle.

You can make the flavour of the cakes themselves anything you like, but chocolate might be a good idea if you fancy the full on chocolate experience.

Should you decide to have a go at making one of the above gorgeous looking cakes for your own Easter celebrations, we hope it turns out brilliantly and your family and friends are awestruck at your amazing baking.  Happy Easter!