Embroidery-Inspired Biscuit Decorating

Embroidery-Inspired Biscuit Decorating

Hungarian pastry chef and artist Judit Czinkné Poór is the Leonardo da Vinci of the cake and biscuit decorating world.

Working from Mézesmanna, her cake-decorating shop in Ajka, there seems to be no limit to what she can do with biscuits. From complex Hungarian patterns to more contemporary designs, Judit uses her skills as a porcelain painter to take her work to a whole new level.

And believe it or not, she’s only been doing it since 2014. How does she do it? “practice, practice, practice,” she says. I think we’ll be practicing for a very long time!

These videos show a couple of examples of her amazing work


How could you eat these? I’d frame them and hang them on the wall!

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