Gifts and Decorations For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Homemade Crafts

It won’t be long before we reach the day of the year on which romance rules!  We’ve had a look around the interweb to see what ideas are out there for the crafter interested in papercraft.  There are very many websites which are really rather annoying with many pop up ads so we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff to bring you a better selection.  There are also many videos available aimed at, shall I say “the younger viewer” made by American teenagers and, while these definitely have their place, these have not been included in our offering today.

If you want to make some simple Valentine’s Day decorations or gifts, here’s a quick video (note: no sound) demonstrating how to make a heart shaped cut out decoration. Obviously, pink or red are traditional colours associated with this day but you could always pick either your own favourite colour or that of your beloved. It’s a quick watch at only 1 min 34 sec and an easy make.  You could tuck these hearts away in a wallet or purse for a Valentine’s surprise, in a lunchbox or a jacket pocket.  You could always add your own touch by adding a few words or a smiley face!  An effective way of letting someone know you love them.

This next offering is a great tutorial on how to make a paper rose. It has a couple of leaves attached but you could just stick at the rose itself – although I think adding the leaves does just finish it off. What I like about this particular demonstration is that it’s (a) quite short at a hint over 3 minutes and (b) the demonstrator starts by showing you the tools / kit you will need all neatly laid out with the paper measurements written out. This makes it really easy to pause the video at that point and gather your equipment together before proceeding. This is a great idea for someone interested in crafts who wants to give their love roses but prefers the personal, handmade approach. It also has the added benefit of being cheaper than buying a bunch of roses which inexplicably seem to increase in price about a week before 14 February!

For something which is really personal and pretty easy to do, you might like to take a look at the following website.  How could your loved one resist a homemade, personalised coaster, something as a permanent reminder of you and your shared memories.  Make sure you pick out your photos of those really great times you’ve had together – perhaps mixed in with some cute photos of yourself looking gorgeous.  These blank coasters are designed specifically for you to add your own photos.

Get your favourite photos out and place them on some coasters to remind you of your memories together. Visit your local craft shop to get everything you need.
Cover the coaster in glue, place the photo on top and plaster with more decoupage glue. Leave to dry and add antique crackle to add a vintage look. Via

The following idea is simple and completely personalised.  You also don’t need to spend a lot of money as you may well have an old pack of playing cards lying around somewhere or if not, they are generally not very expensive (try these for example).  Be creative with the messages and your beloved will know that these all come from the heart! filled the deck of cards with 52 reasons why I love my wonderful husband. This is only a fraction of why I love that man. The list is eternally long. But for this project I narrowed it down to 52.

I tried to include things he does for me, how he makes me feel, funny stuff, spicy stuff, but I also wanted to make sure that I put things in there that I love about him…about his character. Because it’s not always about how he makes me feel; it’s about who he is. And I wanted to let him know that I love him for who he is. Via

This final offering is a little more ambitious and is ideal for someone who uses a die cutter. Even if you have never used such a machine, the video is worth a look to see how die cutting can boost your crafting. Here, Helen makes a Valentine’s gift box and decorates it up with a ribbon and punched hearts. Once made, you could pop a loving message or a couple of yummy chocs inside.

If you fancy tackling this project, you will need the following equipment:

You can also make this gift box as a favour for wedding tables or just a party gift.  Simply choose the colourway appropriate to the occasion.