How to Make a Felt Halloween Pumpkin Mask

How to Make a Felt Halloween Pumpkin Mask


Now we’re into October, we are heading towards Halloween at a rate of knots.  For anyone planning a “trick or treat” outing, we’ve seen a tutorial for this easy to make cute felt pumpkin mask.  It’s very straightforward and so effective, you’ll be at the front of the queue to collect all the treats going.  It’s suitable for complete beginners and will only take around an hour to make. Tutorial by DMC.

You will need:

How to Make

1. To begin, cut two of the larger shapes of out of the orange felt. These will be the body of the pumpkin. Cut two of the smaller shapes out of the green felt. These will be the stalk.

step 1

2. Next, draw the pumpkin design onto one side of one of the orange shapes to help guide your stitching.

step 2

3. Using backstitch, stitch three vertical lines onto one of your green stalks. For this we used DMC #703.

step 3

4. Join both green stalks together using whip stitch; covering the back of the stitching. For this, we used DMC #699.

step 4

5. Work in chain stitch onto the front of your mask, following the lines you drew in step 2. For this, we used DMC #721.

step 5

6. Using the same colour thread, now add your french knots. We did 16 knots on this pattern but you can have fewer or more.

step 6

7. Next, use blanket stitch to join your two orange peices together, making sure they line up around the edges. This will make your mask stronger, and will cover up the back of your stitching. Whilst blanket stitching, place the ends of your elastic between the two pieces and stitch over it to hold it in place. For this, we used DMC #972.

step 7

8. After this, attach the stalk to the top of the pumpkin using whip stitch.

step 8

9. Once your mask is assembled, work in blanket stitch around the eye holes. You can make your eye holes bigger or smaller, or change where they are positioned on the mask. For this, we used DMC #310.

step 9

Your carriage awaits! Your magical mask is ready to transform you into the best looking pumpkin in the patch.


Original article can be found: here.


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