Top Embroidery Tweets this Week

Top Embroidery Tweets this Week

I’ve gathered together my favourite tweets of the week to share with you.  Enjoy!

1. Fantastic Frock

Who could fail to love this elegant frock from the 1920s?  For me, the understated greys give this gown a classy look.


2. What a Waistcoat!

This tweet from School of Textiles shared a detail from an 18th Century waistcoat which they have in their collection.  Beautiful workmanship and subtle yet bright colours.  If I could fit it in my diary , I would love to attend the study day.


3. Bootiful!

To my mind, these boots are both brilliant and quite scary at the same time.  I’m not great with heels but might just be persuaded to try harder if I could afford these (and the cab fares to keep them pristine!).


4. So much care!

I saw this tweet from Historic Royal Palaces about the clean up work they are undertaking on this delicate Tudor embroidery.  I’m sure I’d be rather apprehensive of working on something so old and precious.



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