Top Embroidery Tweets this Week

Top Embroidery Tweets this Week

Here’s our regular round up of postings from the twittersphere that have caught our eyes for their beauty, cleverness, unusualness or just because we like them.  Enjoy!

1. Princess Leia

I’m not a serious Star Wars fan – of the type who attends conventions and so on – but I do think the Star Wars films are a brilliant series.  Obviously, the first one made was the best, just because of the innovative use of technology it brought to the large screen.  Oh and the fact that Harrison Ford was in it kind of helps too!  Anyway, I spotted this tweet by Simini Blocker and couldn’t resist adding it to my favourites of the week.


2. Pottery Pieces

Take a close look at the photo below.  It’s hard to believe that’s not actual embroidery using thread or yarn.  The intracacy for this piece of pottery is amazing.  Huge credit to Kate Malone for her attention to detail.


3. The Eyes Have It

These are really clever and, dare I say it, eyecatching.  I’m not sure I would want these adorning my house asI’m more of a pretty flowers kind of gal.  Doesn’t mean to say I can’t appreciate these stunning designs though.


4. Hand Embroidered Scarf

This photograph of a hand embroidered scarf from the C19 is just gorgeous.  The fabric looks so fine and delicate, that level of detailed embroidery must have been challenging work.  But well worth it!


5. Skullduggery

Oh my!  I don’t really know what to say about this one.  So I won’t.  Enjoy!


6. Suitable for a Spring Day

The embroidery on this Dior dress is just beautiful.  Fresh and springlike, I would be afraid to wear it.

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