St Patrick's Day Bakes

St Patrick's Day Bakes

March is now upon us.  Spring is in the air.  And it’s all steam ahead for St Patrick’s Day.

As I’m sure everyone knows, the Feast of St Patrick, most commonly referred to as St Patrick’s Day, celebrates the patron saint of Ireland.  It is, foremost, a religious celebration of the life of St Patrick and is marked on the anniversary of the date of his death on 17 March.

I’m sure no keen baker needs an excuse to get out their jars of flour, cartons of eggs and packs of butter but the Feast of St Patrick certainly gives a great theme for bakes – particularly if you like your cakes and bakes coloured green!

This first bake is coloured green – and then some!  It’s a shamrock shaped chocolate cake with green buttercream icing.  I think the use of the different piping nozzles coupled with the differing shades of green icing really creates a stunning effect.  The creator has replicated the beautiful swirls and whorls of the top layer for the filling between the two cake layers and when the cake is cut, this gives an unusual cross section view.  This recipe looks well worth a try particularly if you want to create your own amazing pattern of swirls and curls: cake recipe + buttercream = the most beautiful St. Patrick’s Day Cake! Inspired by the beauty of shamrocks and all things green, this 2-layer naked Shamrock Cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Because it’s a 2-layer naked cake the bottom layer of frosting can be a fun “practice” layer. You can experiment with your piping and find out which techniques you like the best. Then the top layer can be covered with your favorite swirls and dollops! If you have never decorated a cake this is the cake for you. If you have decorated a 1,000 this is the cake for you. Simple design paired with amazing taste is always a winning combination! St. Patrick’s Day Cake – i am baker

If you fancy try something shamrock related but don’t feel up to the amazing piping needed for the chocolate cake take a look at the much simpler, mint flavoured shamrock shake cupcakes.

Now here’s something that’s fun and great for sharing.  The trend for cake pops has really taken off and I can totally see why.  Everyone loves cake and what’s not to like about having a bite sized cake on a stick for sticky free hands.  And for those watching their weight it’s a good way of controlling portion size.  After all, with a big round cake, the result of asking for “just a small slice” can vary greatly.  Particularly if your host has a generous nature and doesn’t want to get a reputation for being mean.  The cake pops below are coloured the traditional Irish green and would be warmly welcomed by colleagues if a batch should happen to make its way into work: happen to love the color green. I don’t think it gets nearly the attention it deserves. So when St. Patrick’s Day comes around I get super excited and start thinking up all these fun and yummy treats to make, in green! That’s why I decided to put together these St. Patrick’s Day Cake Pops. They are super cute and really fun to make.

Put one in your child’s lunchbox, or bring them to the office. You can even give them out to your Irish friends. Either way, these are a definite crowd pleaser. Via

These Mini Ombre Cakes caught my eye as they are so cute.  For me, because the layers are shaded in gradations of green, they don’t have that “in your face” greenness that many other creations for St Patrick’s Day seem to have.  The fact the layers are punctuated by the white frosting, I think, makes them look light, fresh and really appealing.  I don’t think I would turn down an offer of one of these on 17 March! St. Patrick’s Day Mini Ombre Cakes are the cutest, most delicious treat for your favorite holiday!

This St. Patrick’s dessert recipe starts with a simple white cake mix (be sure to use white, otherwise the cake’s color will affect the shade of your layers). You’ll prepare the cake, then divide it into three equal portions (measure it for accuracy) and color each with green food coloring.  Start with the dark green batter first, and add a little color at a time, until you get the shade you like (I wish I had added a little more). Then, do the lightest layer … you’ll probably only need a touch of color. Finally, do the middle green last. That way, you can be sure it’s right between the other two colors. Via

If you would like to try something with that Irish flavour which is not necessarily coloured green (even if it does have the requisite token shamrock), then this recipe for Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes fits the bill.  It includes Guinness for that grown up element that cupcakes often lack as well as chocolate which I always feel is a keep cupcake ingredient:

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with these easy chocolate Guinness cupcakes that are rich and delicious (and finished with a circle of icing sugar and a glittery shamrock, of course!). This is the ONLY thing you’ll want to bake for the all-important 17 March. This cupcake recipe makes for a really moist batch of cupcakes that will fast become a real family favourite. They a€™re really easy to make and make a real difference to your usual cupcake recipe, so a great one to try if you want a treat “ and they’€™re not just for St Patrick’€™s Day. Using Guinness, these grown up cupcakes look and taste great. This recipe makes 24 cupcakes, so it’€™s a great recipe to make if you’€™ve got a crowd to feed or want something really special for a birthday party or get together. If you really want to make these look extra special on St Patrick’€™s Day, then top them off with edible glitter and shamrocks! Chocolate Guinness cupcakes recipe – goodtoknow

Hopefully the above recipes have inspired you to create something gorgeous for this St Patrick’s Day.  No matter what you do, have fun in the kitchen and enjoy making something tasty to share with family and friends.  And remember, we’re always keen to see pics of your creations here at Crafty Bug!

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