Handmade Gifts for Your Mother

Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day is on Sunday 31 March in 2019.  So it’s time to start thinking of gifts for you mum that have that personal touch to them rather than buying something you simply pop into your basket at the supermarket checkout.

To help you find that gift you can make and present from the heart, we have brought together some ideas to give you inspiration to get crafting for your mother.  Sometimes it really is about the personal touch and the time invested.

We think you should take a look at this video below which showcases some 20 ideas for making mother’s day gifts.  These are pretty awesome and take little time and materials.  Several of the ideas involve drawing round a hand – what better way for mum to receive a really personal present from her children?  We particularly love the paper hyacinth idea and think a vase full of these creations looks pretty stunning.  What mother could fail to be impressed with these? Particularly as they don’t need watering and won’t die

Many of the ideas in this video are for papercrafted flowers which will last so much longer than the real thing – and have been made with love! Other, non-papercrafting ideas are included too and they all produce really stunning end results.

This next video is pretty short, running at around 4 minutes, so is definitely worth viewing. In it, you are shown how to make 3 different spa type products as a gift for your mother or other special person in your life. I have to confess, I’ve never tried making anything like this before but they all seem pretty straightforward and use ingredients you are likely to have in your kitchen anyway. Except, perhaps, the Epsom salts! The body scrub using coffee grounds would be brilliant for a coffee lover and something really revitalising to use in the morning.

Keeping with the theme of homemade bath and body products, in this next video, Brittany demonstrates how to make a bubble bath and a brown sugar scrub bar amongst other things. She also has a great idea for two homemade tea infusions and these would be ideal for someone who loves to try different teas. We’re starting the video at 1 minute 20 seconds as that’s where the really interesting stuff begins.

If you fancy having a go at making the brown sugar body scrub bar, you will need these basic soap making items:

A soap making base is the main component

Soap making moulds in which to form and set your bar

We hope you have fun making that personal gift for your mother or mother in law to let her know what a special person she is and how much she means to you.