DIY Father's Day Card Ideas

How to Jazz Up Your Homemade Father's Card with Embellishments

For readers resident in the United Kingdom or the United States, Father’s Day is now not far away, occurring on Sunday 16 June in 2019.  Although many may think it as a recent invention, perhaps cynically designed to help the card industry sell lots, it has it has been celebrated on St Joseph’s Day (March 19) in Catholic Europe since the Middle Ages.

Rather than buy ready made cards for your father, this celebratory day provides the ideal opportunity to design your own card or use a card design template. You can personalise it with all sorts of embellishments relevant to your loved one.  This is the time to be adventurous and even quirky, adding different levels of detail as you feel inspired.  For some interesting ideas to get you started, you might like to check out other people’s handcrafted father’s day cards.

You can choose to reflect Dad’s interests and hobbies on the card – for example, you could add beer related card toppers for a home brew expert, sports motifs for an athletic dad or even birds for a keen ornithologist.


Express Yourself Red and White Football Icons DIY Embellishments Pack

Football fans might appreciate a footie themed Father’s Day card which could be made using these card toppers.

Express Yourself Gardening Stick-On Card Toppers 9 Pack

If your dad is a keen gardener, this set of card toppers would allow a themed, fun card to be produced.

Altenew - Best Dad stamp set

Rather than using card toppers, if you fancy stamping a card for Dad, you might like to try this set of stamps.

How about this for a man who likes his golf?



I’m sure any father would love to receive a hand made card so why not get your creative juices going and create that personalised, special card?

We’d love to see and share your creations, so why not get in touch with us, via the comments section below?

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