Cards with a Scalloped Edge

Cards with a Scalloped Edge

When making cards to send to friends and family, it’s sometimes good to add in that extra bit of detailing, that certain something extra which makes yours stand out from the rest.

I’ve found this tutorial for card makers on how to give the edges of your cards a fancy looking scalloped edge.  The process is straightforward to follow and the results look pretty darn good!  I rather think that a steady hand is required when punching out the patterns as I feel it’s only too easy to move the hole punch a fraction and then the pattern becomes distorted.  Anyhow, I’m sure you are all far better at this than me, so take a look at this tutorial and see how you get on.

To read the tutorial from Aunt Annie’s Crafts and to have a go at producing scalloped edge cards yourself, click here.

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